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About Hugh

I’ve loved to read all my life.

From Enid Blyton’s children’s books, to Marvel and DC comics to my dad’s Elmore Leonard books, I’ve read for as long as I could remember.

Even though I couldn’t understand a lot of what was happening  in the books I read, I was still fascinated. Something about how the writer’s power to sit and just…make up stuff was irresistible to me. I tried to do that too, only my mom and my friends called it lying (Philistines!).

Years later, living in New York and working as a bouncer gave me a lot of fodder for my stories (like my novella Soccer mom – get it HERE for free) and I was off and running. More on that in a minute.

A few years ago I left New York and settled in the Jersey suburbs. I quickly found that underneath the nice, quiet facade was a hotbed of drama (I’m only exaggerating slightly, trust me). It made me think that most of us are like that, in a way. Every day we put on a mask of civility and professionalism, but if our friends and co-workers only knew what lay just under the surface. They’d be shocked.

Or maybe not!

Most of my books are set in the fictional New Jersey town of Willows. It’s a place that his a checkered history and where people are never quite what they seem. Just like the real New Jersey actually. (Just kidding Jersey people).

In my books the masks that my characters wear don’t fit so well. Sometimes they slip off to show you the REAL people behind the facade. And THAT’S where the fun begins.


In my misspent youth I bounced in bars in new York City and I met a young lady that gave me the idea for my book Soccer Mom – you know, the one you can get for FREE

So anyway…Soccer Mom is based on a true story…sort of. It’s about a friend I knew back in my bouncing days. This friend had a sick mother and a stack of unpaid bills and an eviction notice so she had to do some things she would never have imagined to keep her family intact, much like Valerie did in Soccer Mom. But what happens when she begins liking the things she has to do for money? How will she live with herself?

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Soccer Mom, has a great plot, well written descriptions, and a wealth of realistic characters.

Donald Hunt - Amazon Reviewer

This is another good read by this author. He gave the words soccer mom a whole new meaning, and added a touch of freakiness.

Pamela Johnston Ward - Amazon Reviewer