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A desperate woman…

An offer too good to be true…

When Valerie’s family falls on hard times a mysterious woman makes her an offer that will keep her family from losing everything. A desperate Valerie is soon doing things she never thought she would and quickly realizes that the thing she thought would save her family might just destroy it. Now this suburban soccer mom wants out of the dark world she finds herself in but is it too late?

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I really enjoyed this book! I found myself reading fast to find out what would happen next then reading slower because I didn't want it to end!

Angela McIntosh, Amazon Reviewer

About The Book

When Valerie’s husband loses his job  mysterious woman makes her an offer she can’t refuse.  She thought she was being a good wife, Her family needed her help…

But now she finds herself in a dark world, doing things she’s only read about. All behind her husband’s back.

Part of her wants out, but part of her likes it. Likes the money. Likes the power.

Likes the control.

And she’s good at it. Very good. But good women don’t do this sort of thing…

Do they?

Get Soccer Mom now. Read this riveting story of a good woman slowly getting in touch with her dark side, then ask yourself the question…

What would YOU do to save your family?

Here’s what readers are saying about Soccer Mom.

This story was intriguing I found myself not wanting to put it down. I've read from this author before so I knew there was more to it than what the title gave the impression of, a very erotic and passionate man in his writings Hugh will have you not only fantasizing of all things considered taboo but trying to bring them into fruition living them out in your daily life. I saw myself in the scenes as I read wondering if I could pull it off... this is the kind of read I enjoy. You'll want to have time to finish this in one sitting so make sure you're ready to get lost in the world of Valarie... I highly recommend this book to anyone who likes a little risky business.

Ta'Nisha Gray - Amazon Reviewer

Each page has you wanting more and more. You really get a sense of the struggles Valerie is forced to face. Hugh has such a skill for imagery that you will not be able to put it down! Definitely recommend if you haven't indulged already!!!

Lena S - Amazon Reviewer

This is another good read by this author. He gave the words soccer mom a whole new meaning and added a touch of freakiness. I can understand where Valerie is coming from. If I were in her shoes, I probably would have done the same thing, and worried about the consequences later. I'm sure that there were other ways to handle this situation, but this way seemed to work for her. Hmmm. The things we women do and go through for our families.

Pamela Johnston Ward - Amazon Reviewer