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A desperate woman…

An offer too good to be true…

When Valerie’s family falls on hard times a mysterious woman makes her an offer that will keep her family from losing everything. A desperate Valerie is soon doing things she never thought she would and quickly realizes that the thing she thought would save her family might just destroy it. Now this suburban soccer mom wants out of the dark world she finds herself in but is it too late?

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I highly recommend this book to anyone who likes a little risky business.

Ta'Nisha Gray, Amazon Reviewer

More Drama. More Chills. More Thrills.

I write about people who are flawed, and more often than not make terrible choices.

Just like me. Just like you.

Kind of like the man who thinks he has life figured out until he catches his fiancé and his pastor in a compromising position. Or, the woman who has no use for love in her life until love sneaks up on her from the most unlikely of places, or the successful author who finds out that the wealth corrupts just as surely as poverty does.

It’s not the situations that these characters face that I love to write about, it’s what they do once they’re in them and how their decisions can begin a domino effect of disaster and drama that changes their world forever.

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He uses his powers for good once in a while.